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My ISP provided me with a new modem that is already a router with WiFi và some ports.

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I would lượt thích to use my TP-LINK TL-WR740N as a wireless repeater, putting it in another room and connecting to my ISP router using WiFi. Is that possible?

I made it work by connecting it with cables, but I would lượt thích to make it wireless.



Thsi answer is WRONG. Sorry about this. Please neglect it.

No, unfortunately you cannot. Your model only has one wireless interface, while a repeater needs two. A single thẻ repeater will wnd up talking khổng lồ clients half of the time, and to its base station the other half of the time, thus cutting bandwidth in half.

In fact, its User"s Guide makes no mention of alternative modes lượt thích wireless repeater, range extender, wireless bridge, which are all roughly synonims.

The term WDS does indicate its ability khổng lồ partake in a Wireless Distribution System, however I believe it is meant to lớn indicate that it can act as a base station, not a relay-station as required by the OP. Besides, in the manual mentioned above, there is no discussion of WDSes.

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Yes you can configure your TP-Link WR740N as a repeater/wireless bridge. Following are the basic steps that you need lớn take lớn set up one:

Go khổng lồ wireless settings page of your WR740N router"s web interface, enable the option "Enable WDS Bridging" và click Survey.Your bridge router will show you routers khổng lồ bridge with. Select the appropriate one.Make sure that the selected security settings are the one that match with the router that is connected to the ISP & provide a password for it.Disable your bridge router"s DHCP & restart the router.

Following these steps should allow you to lớn set up your WR740N as a repeater. I have been using it as one without any problem so far.

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Yes, you can!

According lớn this links provided by TP Link, you cand make the settings. I have multiple TP liên kết routers at home, all configured as WDS repeaters after this settings và entire network is working fine.

Follow this steps:

1. Login into root AP or extended AP & enable WDS under: Wireless -> Wireless Settings.2. Click on Search/Survey button và click Connect to lớn desired SSID Wireless Network.3. On the password input, put your main SSID Wireless password (should be the same) and Save settings.4. Disable DHCP under: Wireless -> Wireless Security.5. Reboot router/AP.Note:

1. LAN IP of extended router should be different but in the same subnet of the root router;2. The DHCP hệ thống on extended router should be disabled;3. WDS bridging only requires the WDS setting on either the root router or the extended router.note: The accepted answer is incorrect.

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Yes you can. I m using it that way. Enable WDS bridge option & give the passkey to the base station. There you go....

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You can set a WR740N as a repeater according to the instructions given by other users before me but you also have lớn go khổng lồ the main router & make it aware (there is a special setting that depends of your main router connected directly to the internet) your WR740N exists. If you do not change anything in the main router your WR740N will only work as a repeater for a while (a few hours or days) và then it will stop unexpectedly.

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WR740N does not work elegantly like a range extender (a NETGEAR for example) where there is no need khổng lồ modify any settings in the main router.

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