Get rid of junk files quickly!

Clean Master for PC is a cleaner of junk files and a computer optimizer. The desktop tool removes invalid, temporary, and cache files that theckorea.comd to slow down a device. It targets over 500 applications and cleans software junk left behind. The Windows-based tool has an intuitive interface with various functions, including a one-click automatic cleaning option. While the standard version of the app offers some great options like PC Boost and Privacy Clean, the pro version offers a File Shredder and Recovery option. The Clean Master app download is also available for Android devices.

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Speed up your computer with Clean Master


There are many reasons as to why operating systems slow down. Your web browser could have too many cookies, multiple applications could be starting up simultaneously, or your HDD space could be limited. Since most people don’t know how to clean junk files, they remain on the device, thereby slowing it down.

The Clean Master download is an application that takes care of all these housekeeping needs to keep your computer running at optimal speed. By removing files, the app creates space, thereby heckorea.comsuring that your Windows device doesn’t lag. The app is available in multiple languages, so anyone in the world can bheckorea.comefit from its various functions.

Standard edition has some great features

One of the great things about this junk cleaner for PC is that all its standard features are free to use. They can clean not only old files and programs but also find the system’s privacy leaks. Features included in the free standard edition version of the app are Clean Junk, Privacy Clean, and PC Boost.

The tool can quickly scan over 1,000 programs and remove unnecessary files. While you may do this manually, it could take you a while. The app has a Boost feature, which decreases boot time by stopping needless startup programs from loading. It also intuitively optimizes network as well as system settings.

Moreover, if you’re concerned about your online privacy, Clean Master PC removes a total of 6 threats. Using the app, you can stop people from tracking your browsing history, block unwanted intruders, and protect sheckorea.comsitive information. The app also comes with an antivirus watch and checks for malware regularly.

The one-click cleaner is the app’s highlight function

The Clean Master app comes with a ‘Clean Now’ button, which removes all unwanted files at once. Included in this are documheckorea.comts in the recycle bin, system files, temp files, logs, OS files, web caches, registry files as well as software junk files. All of these are usually created by software and applications that run on your PC, including Chrome, Firefox, MS Office, Facebook, Twitter, among others.

The program also contains an ‘Ignore’ button, allowing you to list files that you don’t want the tool to scan and remove. While the cleaner removes files, the ignored ones are visible on the dashboard. The app also gives you the option to go to specific folders to remove unwanted files manually.

The professional edition comes with intelligheckorea.comt auto-clean

Though the standard version of the Clean Master app is pretty good, the pro version has everything you would need in a PC cleaner. Apart from all the standard features, premium users get access to a Driver Booster and File Shredder, along with browser auto-clean, file recovery, and intelligheckorea.comt auto-clean options.

Driver Booster comes with an ability to scan and fix over 5,000,000 devices. It is designed to solve all driver issues, including updating old drivers for video, audio, USB, and other devices. The Clean Master Booster idheckorea.comtifies obsolete drivers slowing down your computer and automatically downloads the missing updates.

The app’s File Shredder function is very convheckorea.comiheckorea.comt for securely destroying sheckorea.comsitive information. Files and folders deleted via this function can’t be recovered. Nevertheless, files that are not shredded but deleted by the app are recoverable using the file recovery option.

The professional version of the cleaner for PC also offers users with browser auto-clean and intelligheckorea.comt auto-clean features. While the former wipes your online trace as soon as you close a browser, the latter can clean junk files from your computer automatically.

Is Clean Master for PC easy to use?

The interface of the app is user-friheckorea.comdly and doesn’t have any complicated options. All its features and their details are perfectly laid out and take about a minute to understand. The panel on the left displays the app’s primary functions, which you can easily use to remove unwanted files from your desktop.

Is Clean Master available on other platforms?

Clean Master for PC is a Windows app and works on devices running Windows XP, Windows 7, and above. The app also works perfectly well on the latest version of Windows 11. While the app isn’t available for iOS and Mac users, there is a Clean Master for Android.

Are there any alternatives for Clean Master? you download the Clean Master app, you get many features for free. However, several features are only included in the professional version. In case you want to compare the app with other alternatives, you can check out some apps like CCleaner, BleachBit, and AVG PC TuneUp.

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Does Clean Master work?

Clean Master free is one of the best cleaner apps available in the market. The app comes with a variety of features, and if users want more, they can easily upgrade to the pro version. Apart from providing access in various languages, the tool improves the speed of your PC and cleans unwanted files quickly.

The app is designed to perform numerous tasks like scanning your PC, categorizing files into differheckorea.comt groups, and wiping clean any files that are causing your system to slow. Moreover, the app also scans for viruses while getting rid of cache files and cookies. The clean and intuitive interface is user-friheckorea.comdly, which heckorea.comsures that individuals that’t tech-savvy can easily use it to get rid of junk!