Do you remember this vintage video game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? Were you ever so obsessed with this trò chơi that your reality was distorted? If you are from Vizag City and wanted lớn be immersed in the Vice City đoạn clip game not just virtually, we get you. This article is as close lớn a simulation as possible. But it is an even better deal, as it is relatable to the streets around you. This is GTA brought khổng lồ you in your hometown.

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Let us take a look at what it would be lượt thích to have the video game GTA: Vice thành phố set in the city of Vizag.

# Main Character – Rockstar

First of all, the name of the main character, Tommy Vercetti would have a Telugu touch khổng lồ it like, Thaman Varisetti. Like all our Telugu heroes, he too has a nametag, Rockstar. His dubbing would surely be done by Rana Daggubati. He would be wearing a similar poola chokka. He would always keep the Vizag famous, LIC punukulu handy & would take the beach road for every mission in the video game.

# Cheat Away Telugu style

Cheat codes are mandatory in the Vizag version of the game too. In a post-pandemic thiết đặt instead of ASPIRINE, Dolo 650 would be used as the cheat code for full health. But regardless of what weather cheats you use, all are in a futile effort, owing lớn the Vizag all-around summer weather. COMEFLYWITHME is a must for the ever-increasing traffic of the city. This code will be replaced by ‘Yegiri pothe entha baguntundi’.

# Renamed Places

In this version, the character respawns every time at the K.G.H hospital, the counterpart of the Oceanview Hospital in the game. The North Point Mall naturally becomes the CMR Central Mall & the Inter Global Studios becomes the Ramanaidu Studios. The VC Beach would become the RK Beach & all the streets would be renamed accordingly.

# Taxis

Taxis become Vizag’s local chia sẻ autos. Imagine, Thaman Varisetti carpooling a share tự động hóa to Seethamadhara to lớn complete a mission. If that isn’t the dream video game for Vizag, we are not sure what is.

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#Traffic Police

If you thought you could race away without being stopped by the mamas, you are mistaken. Unlike in Vice City, in Vizag City, you will be stopped và fined if you are not wearing a helmet or seatbelt. All traffic protocols are in place for your safety & here there are no cheat codes.

Hope you had a fun time & enjoyed our version of the đoạn phim game GTA Vizag City!