How To Prepare For Ielts Speaking

to lớn have the best chance at doing well in, it is important that you prepare for the test. We have put together the following materials lớn help you get ready & know what to expect in your test.

Understand the chạy thử format

Familiarize yourself with the format of the demo by reviewing the test content, as well as the question and task types for each section. reviews the thử nghiệm format
* sample questions

We have provided sample questions to lớn help you prepare for your test. This will give you an idea of the chạy thử format và what khổng lồ expect in the Listening, Reading, Writing và Speaking tests. Sample test questions
* Progress kiểm tra - official practice test Progress Checkis an official practice chạy thử that you take online. It is designed to help you prepare & understand the areas you need to improve or focus on.

Bạn đang xem: How to prepare for ielts speaking Progress check is marked by trained & qualified Examiners. Take a timed or untimed test, và receive feedback including an indicative overall band score và individual band scores for each section: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking.

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Official practice materials

Our official practice materials are designed to help you understand the test format và the types of questions you may be asked.

This book contains official practice kiểm tra material covering all four skills and is suitable for both Academic và General Training.It comes with a DVD of the Listening kiểm tra audio and three sample Speaking thử nghiệm answers. Examiner comments for Writing and Speaking sample answers will help you improve your score.

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