107 Adjectives That Start With N

Do you need an adjective sầu that starts with "n" to lớn enhance the meaning of a sentence? Then you"re in luck. Adjectives that start with "n" are numerous. Though you may seem nerdy or nutty for knowing them all, you will be able khổng lồ use them in a natural way when you need them in speech or writing, & your meaning will never be nebulous or nonsensical.

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adjectives that start with N

Examples of Adjectives That Start With N

This is in no way an exhaustive danh mục, and most of the words will not be new to lớn you, but there may be some that had slipped your mind. It"s always good to refresh your memory. Each adjective sầu is accompanied by its definition.

25 Adjectives From Na Through Nom

Start adding n-adjectives khổng lồ your vocabulary with this alphabetical list of options for adjectives that start with "n."

naive - unaffectedly, or sometimes foolishly, simple; childlike; not suspicious; credulousnaked - not wearing any clothes; undressednameless - indescribable, lacking a namenarcissistic - overly self-involvednarrow - not wide; limited in meaning, size, amount, or extentnasal - of the nosenasty - very dirty, filthy; offensive in taste or smell; morally offensive; very unpleasant; mean; malicious; ill-humorednational - relating lớn an entire country; characteristics of a countrynative - belonging khổng lồ a locality or country by birth, production, or growth; indigenousnatural - of, or arising from, nature; in accordance with what is found or expected in nature; not artificial or manufacturednauseous - affected with nausea, feeling as if one might throw up needy - in, or characterized by, need, or poverty; very poor; having or showing a need for affection or emotional supportnearsighted - being able to better see near objects rather than distant ones; myopicnaughty - not behaving properly; mischievous or disobedientnebulous - unclear; vague; indefinitenefarious - having harmful or criminal intentnegligent - habitually failing khổng lồ bởi vì the required thing; neglectfulnerdy - describing a person regarded as socially dull, unsophisticated, awkward, etc., especially one who is preoccupied with academics, intellectual hobbies, etc.

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nervous - characterized by or having a disordered state of the nerves; characterized by or showing emotional tension, restlessness, agitation; fearful; apprehensiveneutral - impartial; neither good nor badnoble - having or showing high moral qualities or iđơn hàng, or greatness of character; having excellent qualities; superior; of high hereditary rank or title; aristocraticnocturnal - active during nighttime hoursnoisy - making, or accompanied by, noise; making more sound than is expected or customary; full of noisenominal - minimal amount

25 Adjectives That Start With Non & Beyond

The good n-adjectives aren"t all in the early part of alphabetical order. Keep exploring for even more descriptive words khổng lồ boost your vocabulary.

nonalcoholic - a beverage usually containing less than 0.5% alcohol by volumenonchalant - without warmth or enthusiasm; not showing interest; showing cool laông xã of concern; casually indifferentnondescript - plain-looking, with no distinguishing features nonessential - not required; not of primary importancenonpartisan - not controlled or influenced by, or supporting, any single political partynonprofit - expressly established for or done as public service, charitable work, etc. & not for earning a profitnonsensical - unintelligible, foolish, silly, absurdnormal - ordinary, what is expected normative - relating to or establishing a behavioral normnostalgic - reminiscent of past occurrences; fond remembrance nosy - being too interested in other people"s lives; prying notable - famous, worthy of attention noteworthy - worthy of note; deserving notice; outstanding; remarkablenourishing - providing nutrients; sustaining life; providing for growth and development novel - new và unusual; especially, being the first of its kindnoxious - harmful to lớn the health; corrupting; unwholesomenumb - without feelingnude- completely unclothed or uncovered; barenutty - containing or producing many nuts; having a nut-like flavor; (slang) crazy or wildnumb - weakened in or deprived of the power of feeling or moving; deadened; insensiblenumerous - many in number, a large quantity nutritious - nourishing; of value as foodnotorious - widely but unfavorably known or talked aboutnostalgic - of or related khổng lồ a longing for something far away or long ago, or for former happy circumstancesnull - not valid or enforceable; associated with a zero value

25 Example Sentences Featuring N-Adjectives

Wondering how you can fit some of these n-adjectives inkhổng lồ your writing và conversations? nhận xét these sentences featuring some of the adjectives that start with "n" as examples. They"re sure to lớn provide you with ideas on how you can use these words in your own sentences.

Mr. Scrooge was a nasty man with a nasty temper.Carol is so naive that she doesn’t realize Ben is just using her.The hallway may be narrow, but the rooms are very large.His singing voice is more nasal than his speaking voice.English is my native language.The amazing curls in Beth’s hair are natural.I feel nauseous when I smell beef cooking.I liked George until he started calling me 10 times per day. After that, he seemed too needy.Sallie is nearsighted, so she needs glasses when she drives to see the road signs clearly.Kyle isn’t naughty; he has ADHD and finds it hard to lớn sit still in class.Social Services can take children away from parents who are negligent.Have you ever noticed how many nerdy guys date really beautiful women?Eating Girl Scout cookies can be both delicious and noble. You get khổng lồ enjoy your Thin Mints with the knowledge that your purchase is helping young girls.My roommates are so noisy in the mornings that I can never sleep late. You should always paint in a well-ventilated area because paint fumes are noxious.There are many noteworthy restaurants in New York City. Who first had the novel idea of putting peanut butter & jelly together?Berries are both nutritious & delicious.The professor was notorious for giving impossible tests.Claire always feels nostalgic when she listens to lớn Jimmy Buffet because his music reminds her of childhood summers.He seemed so nonchalant about the financial crisis; we had no idea he was going bankrupt.Coke is my favorite nonalcoholic drink.Most religious organizations & charities are nonprofit organizations. Dr. Seuss"s books are nonsensical in a way, but they also teach children valuable lessons about all kinds of things.

Exp& Your Writing With N-Adjectives

That’s plenty of adjectives that start with "n" for now, wouldn’t you say? Now, go và n-joy (pun intended!) using all these words in your writing! Incorporate examples of alliteration into lớn your work by adding even more words that start with "n." Opt for some nouns that begin with "n" so you can create some really cool-sounding descriptive sầu word combinations.