Super saiyan blue

Having a guide lớn Super Saiyan xanh will help you better understand the immense nguồn the characters of rồng Ball are capable of... If they can achieve this form.

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The Dragon Ball franchise goes hand-in-hand with wild, over-the-top animation. With a premise lượt thích it has—of the Saiya-jin striving to be the strongest in the universe—it lends itself pretty easily to that style of animation. From its extreme fight scenes that span universes và the summoning of giant dragons, the series is filled with captivating visuals and action unparalleled.

The transformations, though, are what the series is really known for. Starting with Goku's first transformation into a Super Saiyan, those bursts of energy and the shockwaves they send through their surroundings have become iconic. Even the origins of the Saiyans isn't nearly as interesting as the immense nguồn coming from them.

Goku brought it khổng lồ another màn chơi when he gained deity status with the Super Saiyan God form, also known as Super Saiyan Red; but around that same time was when the power nguồn levels started khổng lồ get a bit convoluted, especially for those who are starting lớn watch mid-series.

It'd be a shame to go through the entire series of such a long-standing and captivating franchise confused, so here's a guide to lớn Super Saiyan blue to help you out.

The Transformation


Originally called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (and graciously shortened for all our tongues' sake) this transformation is arguably the weirdest khổng lồ explain.

After a Saiyan character has transformed into a Super Saiyan God, he has the opportunity to hang onto that power, và to harness it indefinitely. With this elevated base form, when he becomes Super Saiyan, he takes on a blue tinge, & his hair và eyes also become blue.

It is one of the strongest transformations Goku và Vegeta use, allowing them to absolutely dominate some of their strongest opponents. Being so powerful, however, Super Saiyan xanh is more taxing, & requires more focus and self-control to lớn maintain than lesser forms. This—naturally—doesn't hinder Goku & Vegeta from continuing lớn use it.

From its first appearance in Dragon Ball Super to its most recent use in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the Saiyans learn to control và further improve upon Super Saiyan Blue.

Its First Use

"It's changed my whole idea of power."—Goku

The first time Goku had lớn transform into a Super Saiyan was against the alien Frieza, so it's only fitting that his first Super Saiyan blue transformation was also against Frieza (in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F,' và retold in the series Dragon Ball Super, starting with episode 24). This time around, Frieza came across as less of an unconquerable foe và as more of a grudge match that Goku had khổng lồ go through before fans could move onto the rest of the series. There was a lot of posturing and verbal sparring, but Goku & Frieza have that kind of relationship, involving more trash talk than is average—and not in an amicable, brotherly type way. It got khổng lồ the point where Vegeta stepped in và started punching Goku, angry that he'd left training to watch them bicker.

Bless Vegeta and his fiery temper, because his (perhaps uncalled for) violence led to lớn Goku erupting in a ball of pale blue light, showing off what he calls his "true power." Frieza responded with his own transformation into his final size of Golden Frieza, và in the ensuing fight, not only would they not stop talking trash towards each other, but Goku & Vegeta switched off for Vegeta to also go Super Saiyan blue to have a chance at defeating Frieza. In these states, Vegeta utterly pummeled Frieza, và Goku finally had the chance lớn finish off one of his arch enemies with a ferocious ki blast.

This size continued to be used pretty frequently throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Super,and, as they began facing stronger & stronger challenges, these characters only improve further upon the blue state.

Vegito Blue


Goku và Vegeta first fused in Dragon Ball Z against Super Buu, forming the formidable Vegito, but that was well before the introduction of Super Saiyan Blue.

In the "Future" Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta faced Goku Black và Zamasu as individuals. Even with both reaching the level of Super Saiyan Blue, they had little luck, and there wasn't a whole lot of hope left for them once Goku Black và Zamasu came together as Fused Zamasu. Much to Goku's giddy delight và Vegeta's dismay, the only option left was to size Vegito once again. He powered up into Super Saiyan Blue, and the fight finally started lớn seem like an even match.

Unfortunately, xanh Vegito was a bit too powerful to last. A final Kamehameha left him drained of energy, và forced the pair khổng lồ split apart into Goku và Vegeta once again. It was short lived, but I'm sure it'll show again if the need arises.


The Tournament of power nguồn arc in rồng Ball Super pushed the long Ball characters to their physical & emotional limits—never further than in the fighting against Jiren. One of the most powerful characters in the entire franchise, Jiren shrugged off many of Goku và Vegeta's most powerful attacks, beat Goku lớn a pulp, và blew Vegeta up, turning his back on them both once they were seemingly defeated.

Vegeta, in a moment of pure heart, got back to his feet và increased his power levels from Super Saiyan xanh to xanh Evolved. The ground shook và his aura flooded the arena, leaving even the Grand Zeno and Future Zeno awed by his power.

Gogeta Blue


In the latest rendition of this transformation is another fusion of Goku and Vegeta, this time to khung Gogeta.

Facing the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly in the movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Goku and Vegeta went through the first level of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Red, và Super Saiyan blue in their attempts to defeat him. None of those forms were nearly close enough in power khổng lồ pose a suitable challenge for Broly, & as a result, they were forced lớn become Gogeta. It was all downhill for Broly from there on out. Gogeta easily evaded Broly's wild, reckless attacks, và by the time Gogeta became Super Saiyan Blue, it was almost difficult not lớn feel sorry for Broly.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

For the gamers out there—or anyone who wants a taste of this power—Super Saiyan blue is attainable in the đoạn phim game Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Once you bring your character to màn chơi 90, you'll be able lớn unlock Blue & wield its power as if it's your own.

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Super Saiyan xanh alone is a powerful level, và it's the foundation for a lot of the rather theatrical transformations that happen later on in the series. Hopefully, this guide lớn Super Saiyan blue will help you understand Dragon Ball Super's future fusions, và how you can expect heroes like Goku & Vegeta khổng lồ evolve as the franchise develops even further.