Apple’s Mac systems had always been a great deal and since the beginning users have been flocking in lớn purchase Mac computers and other apple products for their premium features. Táo apple has been manufacturing Mac devices since 1984. The first one to lớn ever release was named Macintosh 128K & the rest is history. Táo khuyết is one of the leading manufacturers of tech devices and the company has been shaping the tech world for decades. Some products of apple that are very popular oar their Mac systems, their iPhones và iPads. So, one of the main features hãng apple provides their customers is a premium unique security which is a very niche quality. Here in this article, we will explore one of Apple’s original Mac OS- OS X Sierra 10. 12.

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As always, hãng apple had put in a lot of effort to lớn make the OS outstanding & user friendly, so they have built-in new features lượt thích Siri into the OS making it a great OS khổng lồ work with. So, here in this article, you will be able to comprehend the extensiveness of the Mac OS and see the features. So, for a better perspective about the features and improvements in the OS, the features of Mac OS X Sierra has been listed below, take a look at the features offered by the OS, so you can make a better decision before downloading the OS on your system.

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Features Brought in by Mac OS X Sierra 10.12

Features Brought in by Mac OS X Sierra 10.12

Features of the Mac OS X Sierra 10.12 are quite fabulous và with the OS being a recent one, features in the OS are still efficient and suit users. So, here is the menu of features of Mac OS X Sierra 10. 12 which you can find useful. Hop on & learn the features of the OS.


As we all know Siri is one of the best things táo bị cắn has ever acquired. Siri first appeared on iOS and later táo khuyết acquired the software and made it their own and started integrating it into most of their flagship ios devices. Well, Siri was first introduced in the mac ecosystem through Mac OS X Sierra and then after all the OS will be having the feature. So, if you have ever used an iPhone & tried Siri, you will love the feature integrated with the Mac OS, well if Siri is new lớn you, might be fascinated by how well the feature assists you with everyday activities.

Mac os x 10.12 sierra ISO downloads

Apple, not just develops and releases OSes but also provides frequent version updates to lớn the released OS quite frequently like once in 2-3 months. The system for updation maintained by apple is quite formidable & provides users with the best updates và feature improvements. So, some basic information users need lớn understand before downloading a Mac OS is the system requirements và ISO/ DMG files. So, here we will discuss elaborately on these, so you can get started with downloading Mac OS X Sierra & installing it on your system.

System Requirements to lớn Run Mac OS X Sierra 10. 12

System requirement for running a Mac OS on a computer is a very important aspects lớn consider before downloading or installing an OS on a computer. Every Mac OS comes with a specific mix of requirements & users have to lớn fulfil the requirements khổng lồ run the OS. Modern Mac OSes can be run on Mac machines that have sufficient system requirements & there is a các mục of mc computers the Mac OS will support here is the danh mục of Mac computers that is supported by Mac OS X Sierra 10. 12.

Mac Book Pro: Mid 2010 or later.Mac Book Air: Late 2010 or later.Mac mini: Mid 2010 or later.Mac Pro: Mid 2010 or later.iMac: 2009 or later.

ISO File: ISO tệp tin is a simple image file format used for transferring large OS/ software installation files. ISO files are pretty common on Windows computers but Mac OSes can also be made into ISOs & used.

DMG File: DMG tệp tin is specific to lớn Apple và it is an image tệp tin used on apple devices.

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Downloading and Installing mac OS X Sierra 10. 12

Downloading the Mac OS Sierra 10. 12 is pretty simple, you just have to search on the internet and then tải về the OS from an authentic website. You can download the ISO. DMG tệp tin of the OS. With an ISO/ DMG file, you can install the OS on your system with ease. So, you can tải về the OSes ISO/ DMG file from the internet và get started with installing the OS.

Now, that you have the downloaded ISO/ DMG file, create a bootable disk using a USB, once the bootable device is ready, insert the bootable driver into the system, restart the computer & boot with the bootable device(USB), now, the computer will start using the truyền thông file on