Post Codes And The Postal System In Vietnam

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Information on sending và receiving letters and parcels, mail services, finding a Vietnamese postal/ZIP code & how to write addresses in Vietnam...

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The state-run organisation Vietnam Posts & Telecommunications Group (VNPT) is responsible for the running of the national post office in Vietnam, và the company is also a major telephone and Internet provider in the country.

Post Codes in Vietnam

Post codes in Vietnam are made up of six digits, for example 901011. The first two digits identify the province or city, the next two digits the district or town, và the final two digits determine the ward.

Vietnamese Addresses

In Vietnam addresses are written starting with the specific information (name, followed by house number và street) và moving on to more general information (ward, district, city or province).

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For example:

Name of addressee 10B Tran quang quẻ Dieu Street An Khanh Ward Binh Thuy District Can Tho thành phố Vietnam

Note: lớn post domestic mail the address should be written in Vietnamese.

Useful Vocabulary

The following vocabulary is useful when dealing with addresses & postal services in Vietnam:

Buu dien – Post officeDia chi – AddressTinh – ProvinceThanh pho – CityHuyen – District (rural)Quan – District (urban)Phuong – WardDuong – StreetSo nha – House number