When it comes to lớn armor in The Witcher 3, the possibilities are endless. You can wear the best armor set that works with your specific skill build or armor preference (light, medium, or heavy), mix and match pieces with preferred stats (like crit chance), or go for fashion over stats.No matter your playstyle, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive danh mục of the best armor sets in The Witcher 3. Our guide also shows you how lớn find each set và which builds they’re best for.

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Table of ContentsWitcher School Gear — Best Overall ArmorGriffin Armor (Best for Signs)Ursine Armor (Best for Tanking)Wolven Armor (Best All-Around)Cat (Feline) Armor (Best for Fast Attacks)Manticore Armor (Best for Alchemy)Viper ArmorOther Great Armor PiecesBest Armor in Witcher 3? It Depends

Witcher School Gear — Best Overall Armor

Generally speaking, the Witcher School gear sets (Bear, Wolf, Griffin, Cat, Manticore, Viper) are the best armor pieces in the game.They have excellent stats, look great, và provide useful phối bonuses for wearing 3 out of 6 và 6 out of 6 of the phối pieces once upgraded lớn Grandmaster.Each phối comes with four armor pieces (armor, boots, trousers, & gauntlets) và two swords (silver and steel). The Feline và Ursine sets also include a crossbow.You can nâng cấp the Witcher school gear sets a total of four times as long as you have the Blood & Wine expansion unlocked. This takes them from basic khổng lồ enhanced, superior, mastercrafted, & finally grandmaster tier (you can also get the higher-level versions in NG+).Here’s a closer look at each set và the build it’s best for.Note: Don’t forget lớn pair your armor type with one of three Witcher School Techniques skills: mèo for light, Griffin for medium, & Bear for heavy. You can also use the Levity glyphword enchant to turn heavy and medium armor into light, allowing you khổng lồ use mèo School techniques with any armor type.

Griffin Armor (Best for Signs)

Grandmaster version of the Griffin set.Armor type: MediumSpecial stats: Sign intensitySet bonuses: (3/6) After using Stamina khổng lồ cast a Sign in its standard mode, the next Sign cast within 3 seconds will be cast in standard mode without using Stamina; (6/6) The size of Yrden traps is increased by 40%. While you are within a Yrden trap, Stamina regeneration is increased by 5/s and Sign Intensity by 100%, and damage is reduced by 20%.The Griffin Armor’s polished plates prove our witcher is a force khổng lồ be reckoned with. No peasant would dare to shortchange Geralt on a contract while he’s wearing this gear. Plus, the metal griffin kneecaps are a nice tribute khổng lồ Geralt’s monster-slaying heritage. The main thing that differentiates this armor from others is the bonuses to sign intensity, making it excellent for builds focusing on heavy sign usage.How to lớn get the Griffin ArmorFrom Downwarren, ride Roach northwest toward a pair of undiscovered locations. One is a cave where you’ll find the armor diagrams. Looking for the enhanced, superior, & mastercrafted version? check out our guide lớn getting all the Griffin Armor diagrams.

Ursine Armor (Best for Tanking)

Grandmaster version of the Ursine set.Armor type: HeavySpecial stats: Adrenaline Point gainSet bonuses: (3/6) When a thân quen shield shatters, there is a chance a new one will be cast at no stamina cost. The bonus increases by 5% for each piece of the set; (6/6) Damage dealt by Abilities involving the thân quen sign is increased by 200%.Many players say the Ursine Witcher armor is their favorite armor mix in Witcher 3, & it’s not hard khổng lồ see why: it combines excellent stats và set bonuses with a great look. This is the armor mix we recommend if you’re going for a tanky build with a focus on strong attacks.This heavy-duty armor gets its name from the Bear Witcher School. The long chest armor with full chainmail coverage provides maximum protection against the deadliest enemies. The high collar and scarf are a stylish cảm biến that’s sure lớn keep Geralt toasty even in the harshest Skellige blizzards.How lớn get the Ursine ArmorTravel to Oxenfurt and buy the armor maps from the blacksmith khổng lồ unlock the diagram locations. Follow the map marker lớn the ruined castle near Yngvar’s Fang on Skellige’s northernmost isle, Uralla.Enter the castle & head to lớn the wall at the opposite end. Activate the switch to mở cửa the cell doors. Take the cell to your immediate left, which leads to a cave. Journey through the cave & ascend the stairs khổng lồ reach the chest with the diagrams.Ready lớn upgrade your Ursine gear? kiểm tra out our full guide on how lớn get all the Ursine Armor diagrams.

Wolven Armor (Best All-Around)

Grandmaster version of the Wolven set.Armor type: MediumSpecial stats: Adrenaline Point gain, sign intensity, attack powerSet bonuses: (3/6) Up to 3 different oils can be applied lớn a sword at a time; (6/6) Bombs are thrown without any delay.The Wolf Armor is one of the most well-rounded armor sets in Witcher 3, giving you a little bit of everything.Besides, it’s the perfect fit for Geralt’s nickname: The trắng Wolf. Chainmail và studs protect the vital organs, while durable leather và unfastened chest armor buckles provide a little extra mobility. Not khổng lồ mention the convenient shoulder pouch for quickly storing and retrieving crowns and herbs.All in all, the Wolf school gear phối looks great & provides excellent stats for a versatile playstyle that involves a bit of everything (signs, fast và strong attacks, oils, bombs).How to get the Wolven armorTravel lớn Kaer Morhen và ride Roach up the winding path to the Old Signal Tower. Enter the tower ruins, loot the chest, & read the lưu ý to begin the scavenger hunt. Using your Witcher senses, find the first crystal and activate it with Aard.Return to lớn the tower entrance, và you’ll notice a gap in the wall to your right. Jump onto the rocks & tread carefully around the wall lớn find the second crystal.Once you’ve activated it, return to the tower’s first level and jump through the portal to lớn reach the diagrams.Looking for the rest of the diagrams? kiểm tra out our walkthrough on how khổng lồ find the Wolven Armor diagrams.

Cat (Feline) Armor (Best for Fast Attacks)

Grandmaster version of the Feline set.Armor type: LightSpecial stats: Increased attack power, resistance lớn elemental damageSet bonuses: (3/6) Strong attacks increase Fast Attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set; (6/6) Rear attacks deal 1/2 more damage, & also stun opponents at the cost of 1 Adrenaline Point.Not only is the Feline armor the best light armor in The Witcher 3, but it’s also one of the most stylish. The studded belt and chest armor showroom a bit of bling khổng lồ our favorite Butcher of Blaviken. Underneath what appears khổng lồ be a blend of suede và leather is an impenetrable layer of chainmail protecting Geralt’s neck, arms, và chest.The cát school armor works great for a playstyle focused on using fast attacks & avoiding damage entirely by dodging.How to lớn get the Feline ArmorBuy the diagram maps from a merchant in northwestern Blackbough. Follow the map marker lớn a cave in Novigrad. Complete the puzzles lớn reach the golem and the chest containing the diagrams. Our guide on how to get the Feline Armor features a full walkthrough.

Manticore Armor (Best for Alchemy)

Armor type: MediumSpecial stats: Increased critical hit chance, increased Toxicity thresholdSet bonuses: (3/6) Critical hit chance and critical hit damage also apply to lớn bombs; (6/6) One more charge for each alchemy itemAn armor phối used by witchers from the Manticore school, this gear set has a less flashy và more practical look.The Manticore armor is only available in the Blood and Wine expansion & doesn’t have any tăng cấp levels. But it’s still one of the top sets in the game.This armor mix is focused on improving your potions, decoctions, and bombs, making it the best option for alchemy-themed builds.How to get the Manticore ArmorTravel khổng lồ Beauclair và visit the Grandmaster craftsman to unlock the diagram locations. Your search will take you all over Toussaint, so be prepared for a scavenger hunt. Our guide on how khổng lồ get the Manticore Armor includes a detailed walkthrough.

Viper Armor

Geralt sporting the Viper set (credit to lớn Outspokenbeef15 on Reddit for this great shot).Armor type: MediumSpecial stats: Resistance to lớn poisoning và elemental damageAn armor mix themed around snakes and poison, The Viper set was added in the Hearts of Stone expansion.It has a sleek, dark look that’s very similar to the Kaer Morhen armor you start the trò chơi with. However, it doesn’t have a mix bonus, unlike the other Witcher school gear sets, which makes it a bit weaker.Still, the Viper School set is a decent option, especially if you’re looking for high poison resistance. It also comes with two swords that give your attacks a chance khổng lồ poison enemies.How lớn get the Viper ArmorThe Viper Amor was introduced in the Hearts of Stone expansion. You only have one shot at getting the diagrams, so don’t miss it. During the mở cửa Sesame mission in HoS, talk lớn Countess Mignole. Find her lost earring lớn unlock additional dialogue options và buy the Viper armor diagrams.Check out our post on how lớn get the Viper Amor set in The Witcher 3 for a detailed walkthrough.

Other Great Armor Pieces

The armor sets listed below are not part of any Witcher school mix but still provide either solid stats and/or a stylish look for all the fashion connoisseurs out there.

Ofieri Armor

Armor type: LightSpecial stats: Signs intensity bonusesThe Ofieri gear mix was introduced in the Hearts of Stone expansion. This light armor has a chất lượng Middle Eastern theme that you won’t find anywhere else in Witcher 3, so if you’re looking for a fashionable look this is a great option.The stats are not as good as the Witcher sets, but you can make it work with our fabulous Ofieri build. This phối also includes a sword & blinders, saddlebags, & a stock saddle for Roach.How khổng lồ get Ofieri ArmorThe Ofieri armor phối can be crafted using the 4 armor diagrams you obtain during the From Ofier’s Distant Shores quest in Hearts of Stone. To start this quest, talk khổng lồ the Ofieri merchant Dulla kh’Amanni in Upper Mill.

New Moon Armor

Armor type: MediumSpecial stats: Crit chance and damage, bonus goldThe New Moon armor is another mix added in Hearts of Stone. This four-piece medium armor set has a neat medieval look.It provides bonuses lớn crit chance & damage, making it a good option for skill builds focused on critical hits.How lớn get New Moon ArmorThe New Moon set is scattered throughout multiple locations:New Moon armor is inside a box at the lighthouse at Crane Cape, the island northwest of NovigradThe New Moon trousers can found during the Royal Air Force treasure hunt quest, at the vị trí cao nhất of the towerNew Moon gauntlets are found inside a crypt lớn the east of the Heddel Abandoned Site, in northeastern Velen, near NovigradNew Moon boots are found at the Kilkerinn Ruins in eastern Velen (climb to the đứng top of the ruins where the tree is and look for a ledge with a chest)

Tesham Mutna Armor

Armor type: HeavySpecial stats: Resistance lớn bleeding and burningSet bonus: Killing opponents restores Vitality. The amount of Vitality restored equals 1% of the maximum Vitality for each element of the mix worn (6% for full set).This set from the Blood và Wine expansion is certainly a chất lượng look with its dark màu đen and face mask. Better yet, it comes with great defensive stats and a neat, vampire-themed mix bonus. The steel sword also has a neat look.How to lớn get the Tesham Mutna armorThis sleek set is only available during the Blood và Wine quest La Cage au Fou. This is one quest we don’t want khổng lồ spoil, so we’ll keep it simple.Travel to the Tesham Mutna ruins with Regis. During a cut screen, he will lean on a chest. Loot it to find the armor, minus the boots & gauntlets. Don’t forget to grab the mask, gauntlets, & steel sword from another chest & strongbox located in the tower.

Hen Gaidth Armor

Armor type: HeavySpecial stats: Resistance to bleeding & burningSet bonus: Killing opponents restores vitality. The amount of Vitality restored equals 1% of the maximum Vitality for each element of the phối worn (6% for full set). The Hen Gaidth armor set is essentially an upgraded, red màu sắc version of the Tesham Mutna set. It has a higher level which is why the stats are much beefier than its black counterpart. How khổng lồ get the Hen Gaidth ArmorJust lượt thích the Viper Armor, you only get one shot at nabbing the Hen Gaidth set. You’ll acquire this phối during one of Blood and Wine’s main quests, so we won’t spoil it for you. Just make sure lớn explore your environment fully during the “What Lies Unseen” quest.

Toussaint Armor

Armor type: HeavySpecial stats: +450 Vitality for each piece worn, resistance to burning and bleedingThis high-level, gold-colored heavy armor is truly fit for a knight errant và comes with a serious Vitality boost. If you lượt thích to look like a proper medieval knight or want a viable alternative to lớn the Ursine armor for a tanky build, this is the set you want to lớn go for. It’s found in the Blood & Wine expansion.How to get the Toussaint armorThere’s a magic và a relic version of this armor. Khổng lồ get the better relic version, search the Land of a Thousand Fables for the body toàn thân of a knight during the B&W main quest “Beyond Hill & Dale.”

Assassin Gauntlets

Armor type: LightSpecial stats: Increased critical hit chance, increased chance khổng lồ find additional herbsThe assassin’s gauntlets get a special mention because they provide 10% critical hit chance, which is one of the best stat boosts you can get from gloves in Witcher 3.If you don’t mind mixing and matching gear và have a build focused on high crit chance, these gloves are a great option, especially early on in the game.How to get the Assassin’s GauntletsIt would probably be easier khổng lồ talk about where not to get them. Bởi vì a little treasure hunting in the Skellige seas and you’re bound to find a pair. Or, craft them with leather scraps, hardened leather, and thread.

Temerian Armor

This DLC armor is a low-profile way khổng lồ stand in solidarity with Vernon Roche from Witcher 2. Speaking of Roach, you & your favorite mare can even match with the Temerian horse equipment. The Temerian Armor is a great starter set for new players.Armor type: LightHow lớn get the Temerian armorInstall the free DLC. Then head to Woesong Bridge in trắng Orchard. Buy the mix from the merchant by the bridge.

Nilfgaardian Armor

Like the Temerian Armor, this faction armor is also a free DLC. Masquerade as a Nilfgaardian officer and go tiệc ngọt with the đen Ones at the House of Respite outside the Nilfgaardian Army Base.Armor type: MediumHow to lớn get the Nilfgaardian armorInstall the không lấy phí DLC. Then buy the mix from the quartermaster (not Fergus or Yoana) in Crow’s Perch.

Skellige Armor

With this ornate, heavy armor, you’ll not only have the heart of a member of Clan an Craite, but you’ll have the gear khổng lồ match. This one’s also a DLC, & by now, you probably know what to do. Armor type: HeavyHow to lớn get the Skellige armorInstall the DLC. Then head khổng lồ Kaer Trolde and visit the Armorer to lớn buy the set.

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Best Armor in Witcher 3? It Depends

What’s the best armor in The Witcher 3? There’s no right or wrong answer — it all depends on your play style & preferences.If you prefer a tanky, defensive style, the Bear armor is a safe bet. If you’re a fleet-footed swordmaster, Feline is the way to lớn go. And if you’re looking to lớn maximize critical hit chance, alchemy, or something else, there are many options to choose from.Of course, if you just think an armor looks cool, that’s okay, too. There’s no shortage of snazzy sets to keep Geralt looking sharp (literally). Besides, you can always change up your look whenever you feel like it và even apply dyes to your armor to make it unique.If you want lớn pair these armor sets with an equally powerful mix of swords, kiểm tra out our guide to the best weapons in Witcher 3. We also have a guide lớn the best Witcher 3 skill builds that will help you match your armor to the right build.