Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố is known for crazy traffic! There are viral videos and photos all over the internet that show the chaotic dance of traffic happening here everyday. Walking across the street in Ho đưa ra Minh city seems intimidating lớn some travelers. Never fear the taxi cab is here!

As a person who has been living in this city for years, I would recommend calling Mai Linh Taxi (028) 38 38 38 38, VinaSun Taxi (028) 38 27 27 27 , or booking via the Grab application. This post is a complete guide to lớn traveling with taxis happily và safely in Ho chi Minh City. I’ve crafted all you need to know about what brands to use & how to liên hệ them.

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What taxi Brand should I ride with in Ho chi Minh City?How to get a xe taxi from tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho bỏ ra Minh City

What xe taxi Brand should I ride with in Ho bỏ ra Minh City?

When visiting Ho đưa ra Minh City, you should only ride in Mai Linh and Vinasun xe taxi Cabs. They are the oldest and most trustworthy brands in Vietnam. If you are still nervous about riding a taxi cab there are alternatives digital brands for you khổng lồ choose. Go with Grab or Goviet. These are popular brands here that are used daily.

Here are my useful tips for you to recognize these brands, how khổng lồ book a taxi, how to reach customer service, and what to do if you lost something in your taxi. I’ll also guide you how to get a proper and trustworthy xe taxi when you first land in the airport.

Mai Linh


Vina Sun Driver

Phone number: (028) 38 27 27 27

This number speaks better English than Mai Linh. If you need to hotline on your own we recommend reaching out to Vinasun.

Contact of customer service departments:

Add: Vinasun Tower – 648, Nguyen Trai, Ward 11, District 5, Ho đưa ra Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: (84-8) 38 277 178

Contact address when you lost your luggage:

When you want to lớn complain about their staff:

When you have any other concern:

These taxis are not only available in Ho bỏ ra Minh thành phố but also all cities in Vietnam. If you want lớn travel in Danang, Hanoi, or Hue City, remember the phone numbers và do those same steps.

Grab / Goviet

I may not have lớn tell you much about these brands. Grab is now the cheapest mode of transportation in Vietnam. Just download the app, install it on your phone. Then whenever you want a ride, open it và pick your means of transportation. You can choose your transportation between motorbike & car.

Older articles may say that Grab và Uber are two digital xe taxi brands in Vietnam, but you should take cảnh báo that Uber has been shut down in this country since 2018. Moving into take the place of Uber, Goviet has become a popular ride ứng dụng in Vietnam. Go Viet only has motorbikes at the moment, so if you have luggage, then stick lớn Grab.

How to get a xe taxi from chảy Son Nhat Airport in Ho đưa ra Minh City

There are two airports you can come in at in Ho chi minh City. Getting a taxi from either airport is going to be very similar but a little bit different. We are going lớn direct you lớn make your way towards the “Taxi Queue”. At both airports you are going to lớn need khổng lồ make your way past the scammers & fake taxi’s looking to rip you off. These guys are gonna use the word “friend” alot & “looking for taxi”. Be strong but nice, & just keep moving away from them to find the queue.

At the international airport the queue should be across the little street when you exit from the terminals ground floor. The domestic airport you should make a left after exiting the terminal.

We only recommend two taxi services which we discuss in detail below. You are going to be looking for the representatives of these xe taxi companies so that you can get them lớn put you into the correct cab. The company’s colors is what you will be looking for lớn recognize their representative along with the brand logo.

Traveling from the Airport lớn the Center of Ho chi Minh thành phố

It takes around 30-40 minutes driving from tan Son Nhat Airport khổng lồ District 1, và even longer in rush hour. The cost for a xe taxi driving from rã Son Nhat Airport khổng lồ District 1 is around 100,000 VND to lớn 200,000 VND (about 4.5 to 8.5 USD). Before leaving the airport, be sure to lớn exchange some money as in Vietnam we only use our local currency.

How to lớn Hail a xe taxi in Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Walking in Ho đưa ra Minh thành phố is not popular, as the sidewalk infrastructure here is a mess. It can be an intimidating experience when you try to lớn walk in this city. No worries, the taxis are here khổng lồ help you get around.

Hail a taxi using our tips so that you travel safely in Ho bỏ ra Minh City.

Lucky for everyone, there are usually taxi’s everywhere in Ho đưa ra Minh City. Specifically talking about the two brands we have mentioned above. It won’t take long lớn get a taxi if you stand on the street waving one down for a ride. The exception lớn this rule is during rain và rush hour. When hailing a xe taxi at these times, you can expect to lớn wait if you don’t get lucky in the first few minutes.

Raise your hand lớn get the xe taxi driver’s attention. While they may understand your signal, you don’t have to yell “Taxi!” or whistle lượt thích in Western culture. If you can whistle loudly, I recommend you vì chưng that because you will just look cool.

When the taxi driver arrives, the next step is just telling them your destination.

Though drivers these days are trained to speak English, there are still elderly drivers who don’t. Thus, you’ll need lớn carry a phone with you to show them the address, or write down the address on a piece of paper. A screenshot of the location is also very helpful.

What bởi vì you do when lost your wallet/luggage/phone on the taxi?

First, tương tác the taxi customer service immediately và report what you’ve lost. Before calling, you should make sure that you can provide as much information as possible, including the taxi identification number, driver’s name, departure & arrival points, total fare, và the route that was taken.

If you forget your phone, you shouldn’t điện thoại tư vấn your number. In case there are some drivers or passengers who may want to lớn keep it for themselves. Instead, allow the operator to find the xe taxi you’ve taken and have it sent back khổng lồ the office.

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To conclude, traveling via taxis in Vietnam is easy. Follow these instructions, you have the best chance khổng lồ enjoy your trip without being a victim of any nhái taxis or scams. Just lượt thích in life, nothing is a guarantee but we believe that this advice will help every traveler in Vietnam.