The Redmi chú ý line has always been a pretty successful one & is largely responsible for Xiaomi’s strong grip in markets like India. Value-for-money, good specs, & impressive imaging capabilities have long remained the trademarks of the series.

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The Redmi chú ý 9 Pro & Redmi note 9 Pro Max stick khổng lồ the same winning formula. Both phones are very similar in terms of specs, though there are some notable differences.

How do the two siblings compare, & which one is the best option for you? Let’s find out in this quick look at the xiaomi Redmi lưu ý 9 Pro vs Redmi chú ý 9 Pro Max spec comparison.

Xiaomi Redmi note 9 Pro vs Redmi cảnh báo 9 Pro Max: Specs


As you can see in the spec comparison sheet above, the Redmi note 9 Pro and lưu ý 9 Pro Max are not all that different from each other. You can expect comparable performance from the two phones since they thể thao the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chipset.

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The camera thiết lập is what sets the two new Redmi phones apart. While the regular Redmi note 9 Pro features a 48MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM2 sensor, the Redmi chú ý 9 Pro Max gets a 64MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. So the biggest difference is that you get 12MP pixel-binned shots with the Redmi note 9 Pro, while the Pro Max delivers 16MP pixel-binned images.

Otherwise, you still get an 8MP ultra-wide camera (119-degree field of view), a 5MP macro lens, & a 2MP depth sensor on both phones.

The selfie cameras on the two phones are housed within a punch-hole. The vanilla cảnh báo 9 Pro gets a 16MP snapper, while the Max has a 32MP shooter. Both phones have a night mode for low-light shooting, và both can capture 1,080p videos at 30fps.

We see a few compromises in the Redmi cảnh báo 9 Pro compared lớn the Max model, though, such as a 4GB RAM base mã sản phẩm (with an option for 6GB of RAM) and 18W fast charging instead of 33W.

However, the battery size, the display, the design, & the software are the same on the two Redmi lưu ý Pro phones.

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Xiaomi Redmi lưu ý 9 Pro vs Redmi note 9 Pro Max: Price

Pricing is where things get interesting as it’s always the deciding factor between two phones in the same series.

The Redmi chú ý 9 Pro costs Rs 13,999 (~$190) for the 4GB/64GB variant, Rs 14,999 (~$203) for the 4GB/128GB version, & Rs 16,999 (~$231) for the 6GB/128GB option.

Meanwhile, the Redmi lưu ý 9 Pro Max is priced at Rs 16,999 (~$231) for the 6GB/64GB model, Rs 18,499 (~$251) for the 6GB/128GB option, & Rs 19,999 (~$271) for the 8GB/128GB variant.

Xiaomi Redmi note 9 Pro vs Redmi chú ý 9 Pro Max: Verdict


The price difference between the two base models is minimal, but the gap becomes larger between the top-end cảnh báo 9 Pro & the chú ý 9 Pro Max.

Given that the đứng top Redmi lưu ý 9 Pro and mid-tier Redmi note 9 Pro Max prices are the same, it would only make sense to lớn get the Max for its superior camera sensors và faster charging. However, if the higher camera configuration & faster charging don’t matter to lớn you, you can go for the mid or base Redmi cảnh báo 9 Pro.


As if choosing between Redmi’s note 9 Pro models isn’t hard enough, now there’s a new generation to lớn worry about. The new Redmi cảnh báo 10 series packs a full year of improvements over last year’s range, and there are still a whopping four versions lớn sift through.

Each version of the cảnh báo 10 comes with a different chipset, but there are a few things you can count on. For starters, all four lưu ý 10 devices pack tai nghe jacks and at least 5,000mAh batteries. You can choose between 64GB & 128GB of storage as well, và you’re looking at a crisp Full HD Plus display.

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After that, the choice is yours. The lưu ý 10 and cảnh báo 10 Pro rely on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips, while the chú ý 10S and lưu ý 10 5G roll with MediaTek. Redmi’s lưu ý 10 Pro is the largest of the bunch at 6.67-inches, followed by the lưu ý 10 5G at 6.5-inches, và the Redmi cảnh báo 10 and lưu ý 10S bring up the rear at 6.43-inches. We could compare the four devices all day long, but it might be time to check out our buyer’s guide instead.

There you go, everything you need to lớn decide on a Redmi chú ý 9 device. Looking for more options beyond the xiaomi mi Redmi note 9 Pro series? kiểm tra out our list of the best xiaomi mi phones here.