Doctoral Studies

With its 21 doctoral schools, Université de Paris offers many doctoral students the opportunity lớn train through research in all major disciplinary fields.

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At the national level, once fully operational, Université de Paris will offfer 5% of all PhD degrees in France.


Université de Paris is committed khổng lồ a doctoral policy aimed at research training and training by research. It trains future researchers & teacher-researchers as well as future high-level executives.

Astronomy và Astrophysics Ile-de-France – ED 127 Director : Mr. Thierry FOUCHET Contact : Mme Jacqueline PLANCY

Environmental Sciences Ile-de-France – ED 129 Director : Mme Pascale BOURUET-AUBERTOT Contact : Mme Laurence AMSILI-TOUCHON

Doctoral School of Computer Science, Telecommunications, Electronics of Paris (EDITE) – ED 130 Director : Mr. Habib MEHREZ Contact : Mme Dany RICHARD

Language, Litterature & Imagery : civilisations & humanities – ED 131 Director : Mr. Mathieu DUPLAY – Directrice adjointe : Mme Evelyne GROSSMAN Contact : Mme Laura MERCIER

Cognition, Brain, Behaviour (ED3C) – ED 158 Director : Mr. Alain TREMBLEAU Contact : Mme Rola FAOUR

Cognition, Behaviour, Human behaviour (3CH) – ED 261 Director : Mme Karine DORE-MAZARS Contact : Mme Lucie ALEX

Legal, political sciences, economics & management – ED 262 Director : Mr. David NOGUERO Contact : Mme Josie YEYE

Mathematical science Paris Centre – ED 386 Director: M. Elisha FALBEL – Directeur adjoint UP : M. Pierre-Henri CHAUDOUARD Contact : Mme Amina HARITI

Physical Chemistry & Analytical chemistry – ED 388 Director : Mme Alexa COURTY Contact : Mme Konnavadee SOOBRAYEN

Pierre Louis Doctoral School of Public Health in Paris : Epidemiology & Biomedical Information Sciences – ED 393 Director : Mr. Pierre-Yves BOËLLE Contact : Mme Magali MOULIÉ

Research in Psychoanalysis – ED 450 Director : Mme Mi-Kyung YI Contact : M. Ali BRADOR

Frontiers of Innovation in Research và Education (FIRE) – ED 474 Director : Mme Muriel MAMBRINI-DOUDET Co-directeur David TARESTE Contact : Mme Elodie KASLIKOWSKI

Earth and Environmental Sciences & Physics of the Universe – ED 560 Director : Mr. Fabien CASSE Contacts : Mme Alissa MARTEAU

Hematology, Oncogenesis, and Biotherapies – ED 561 Director : Mr. Raphaël ITZYKSON Contacts : Mme Aurélie BULTELLE

Bio Sorbonne Paris Cité – ED 562 Director : Mme Caroline LE VAN KIM – Co-Directrice : Mme Chantal DESDOUETS Contacts : Mme Deborah DEPOST

Drug Toxicology, Chemistry và Imaging (MTCI) – ED 563 Director : Mme Marie-Christine LALLEMAND Contact : Mme Elisabeth HOMBRADOS

Physics in Ile de France – ED 564 Director : Mr. Jean-François ALLEMAND Director adjoint : Philippe LAFARGE Contact : Mme Monia MESTAR

Sports, Motricity và Humain mobility sciences (SSMMH) – ED 566 Director : Mme Isabelle SIEGLER Co-director: Mr.

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Bernard ANDRIEU Contact : Mme Marie-Pierre RICHOUX

Language Sciences – ED 622 Director : Mme Ioana CHITORAN Contact : Mme Chafia AIT-HELAL

Knowledge, Science, Education – ED 623 Co-Director : Mr. Fabrice VANDEBROUCK Co-Director : Mme Soraya BOUDIA Contact : Mme Dafni RODAMITOU