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* on the Geaux is a di động recreation program designed to combat obesity và promote physical activity by providing recreational activities throughout East Baton Rouge Parish. The program operates year-round from two colorful, 14-foot box trucks loaded with a variety of physically, active game equipment. The recreation program is inclusive và accommodates activities for all ages. The program was made possible in 2012 by the funding and support from the xanh Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation’s Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana grant, Pennington Biomedical Research Center và Foundation. As of 2019, Healthy blue Louisiana, Aetna Louisiana & AmeriHealth Caritas are added on the Geaux is available for school recess, afterschool visits, out-of-school holidays and can be reserved/rented for health-related community events, birthday parties, events & family reunions held at facilities or approved public locations. Participants engage in a variety of activities ranging from moderate lớn high cardiovascular và muscle strength. Some of the activities (to include but not limited to) Funky Moves, Gaga Pit, ninja Course, Disc Golf, Obstacle Agility Course, Trampoline, Slack line, hula hoops, First Tee Golf, scooter races & other fun activities.

Purpose: lớn provide fun, positive & structured physical recreation programming for children and adults who live in “play deserts”.Bạn đang xem: My website shield là gì

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Program Goals

To increase physical movement through recreational activities for residents in East Baton Rouge Parish.To provide fun, positive và structured physical recreation programmingTo promote the future development và expansion of the mobile recreation program

Activities Include:

Cardio Hula HoopGaga PitsJump RopesTrampolinesSlacklinesScooter CartsJumbo Balls/Cage Balls/Hop BallsBroad JumpMedicine/Fitness BallsPush Up MatsAgility Ladders/Poles/HurdlesFunky MovesGiant Tunnels/ChambersSNAG GolfStacking BucketsBasketball/Rimball GoalsTennis/Badminton/VolleyballSoccer & so much more!


School Holiday Route

During the fall, winter, spring & summer breaks, on the Geaux will make its way khổng lồ over 30 local communities andparks to lớn set up play, the on the Geaux way! Be sure to check back here for upcoming holiday route schedules


sản phẩm điện thoại Recess Program

During the school year, on the Geaux visits various schools around the Parish during their recess hours khổng lồ give students the opportunity khổng lồ experience an active và enhanced thiết bị di động recess program. on the Geaux works with grades Pre K through 5th each week. The curriculum is targeted to lớn use fun and creative ways to encourage locomotive skills, peer tutoring và teambuilding activities with guided instruction.



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Reserve on the Geaux for your neighborhood/school/church events, large festivals, company picnics, birthday parties or family gatherings. Private family events must be held at a Park (facility/pavilion) khổng lồ qualify.

Renting on the GeauxRental Fees
100 or fewer participants $100 per hour (includes 2-3 staff)
101 or more participants$200 per hour (includes 3 or more staff)
Refundable Damage Deposit$250 (in the khung of a check)
Out of Parish FeeAdditional 20% per hour

If you are interested in reserving on the Geaux, download and reviews the Reservation Rental Agreement below.

heckorea.comThis program was made possible by the funding and support from the blue Cross & Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation’s Challenge for a Healthier Louisiana grant, Pennington Biomedical Research Center and the Foundation.