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Welcome to lớn my Kimày Shini FAQ.

Q: What is the “Thou Shalternative text Not Die” manga?

ーThis is a manga series by Yoko Taro & Moriyama Daisuke. The first chapter was published in an issue of Big GanGan in December 2014. With monthly publications, the manga concluded with Chapter 59 at the end of August 20trăng tròn. The 10th and final tankoubon was released on October 24, 20trăng tròn.

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Important Links:

The following is a closer look at some commonly misconstrued notions regarding the characters và overarching story. I have littleinside knowledge on this series, but I hope some of my insights will make things a little clearer.

One good rule of thumb khổng lồ know about Yoko Taro…

A huge pet-peeve sầu of his in storytelling is doing the same thing more than once. But it often happens anyway…He is a major war và history buff, which is why there are a lot of allusions to lớn historic events & dates in his works.He is extremely well-read in literature from around the globe, which you will also find a lot of allusions thrown all over the place.He is not afraid lớn kill off characters. Be warned. No one is safe.

If you have sầu any additional questions or anything that you’d like to lớn see added khổng lồ this FAQ, please just let me know.

** Spoiler Warning **It is recommended not to lớn continue reading unless you are caught up with chapters 1-15. Read at your own discretion.

1. Regarding the Story

1.1 ーWhy sover children to lớn war?Well, they’re really not taking part in any warso much asthey are being used as human weapons in mock battles and other unrelated “hotspots” around the world to kiểm tra their abilities. The drug that gives people super powers is moreeffective on young adults. They are all essentially expendable demo subjects.

They are dispatched on trial runs in secret— the government covers this upby saying they are going onhumanitarian NPO trips to foreign lands tochạy thử the kids’ abilities (or laông xã there of). **If you remember, all the kids who actually died during the Brazil mission were said khổng lồ have died in a plane crash at the beginning of Chapter 7.** This is clearly a cover-up.

Also, talking about the as-yet-unnamed miracle drug, this sounds an awful lot lượt thích Luciferase from the DOD/NieR timeline. I’ve sầu written more possible tie-ins here.

Also, it might be interesting khổng lồ take a look at the various stages that drugs go through until they are approvedfor the public:

Phases of clinical research – WikipediaAccording lớn the danh sách of phases, I would guess the majority of the story we’ve sầu seen thus far would fit somewhere in Phase II: Phase IIA inBrazil, và now Phase IIB in France.

Oh, no… If this is true, then this may also be why Mizukaki seems like a total waste… because he’s the control subject. Maybe that’s also why he’s survived this long because they intentionally injure or knoông xã him out so that he’s out of the way but not out of the trials.

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1.2 ーIn war, you want the most people to survive sầu.If this was war, perhaps, but this “war” is superficial. We have seen very little that even remotely shows that the world has fallen inkhổng lồ some sort of desolate war-torn nightmare where nations are actively fighting each other for natural resources. It was pretty much spelled out for you at the kết thúc of the Brazil arcthat it was STAGED. Just none of the characters have sầu realized what’s really going on.

Therefore, thekids are expendable. What are a few dead rats as long as the strong ones survive? Survival of the fittest. Those who survive sầu, will continue on with tests until they reach their limit và the drug is perfected. There is a seemingly infinite number of students khổng lồ use as thử nghiệm subjects, so they really don’t care who lives or who dies as long as the R&D team makes progress.

1.3 ーThe “bad politician” thing is very cliđậy.Yes, it is, which is why that’s notthe point here. They are mere pawns lớn the real group in control from backstage. This is probably the secret agency that Rokusho belongs khổng lồ. They seem lớn be playing a more active sầu rolein recent chapters, especially disposing of many political figures like the congressman who was caught having sex with an underaged boy (?).

1.4 ーKuroi is not interesting.He’s not meant to lớn be entirely likeable, but I believe sầu you are meant to lớn find something good in hyên. That’s what makes his darker side feel like such a betrayal. I think you’re meant lớn feel undecided when it comes to liking or hating him. It’s a little besides the point whether or not you think that he would have become this way simply by being able lớn hear the thoughts of people around hyên. Everyone is different & experiences things differently. Simply because you might be able khổng lồ come out of these experiences unscathed doesn’t mean he could. That’s just the way life works.

1.5 ーI’m done with Kuroi. I’m okay with anti-hero characters, but they need khổng lồ have sầu some sort of moral code.Okay. Everyone is different, so we’re all không tính phí to lớn like or dislượt thích characters as we please for any reason. But characters are không tính tiền from outside judgement as they only exist within the story. They act and behave only as tools of the author khổng lồ tell whatever story he wants. We are just innocent bystanders. If things don’t go the way we want them to or something changes the way we feel about the story in general, we can stop and let it go at any time. The moment youstart blaming a character for acting the way he does or the author for writing a character in such a way is probably a good clue that this particular story is not for you; và that’s okay. Just don’t let it eat you up in the process. xP

1.6 ーThe relationship between Kuroi & Mashiro is crap. He’s only manipulating her.Of course, there’s a lot of manipulating going on in this story, but I don’t see Kuroi doing much of this. He is just a hàng hóa of his madness. He gets off by watching her go insane & destroy things; he thinks it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. He loves her in a very unusual way, so much that he will kill for her…& he will even die for her. If need be, he will even kill her himself if necessary. So, I think it’s more accurate that Mashiro manipulates Kuroi… because she is his sole reason for doing anything. She is the only one he can’t read, which is what initially attracted hyên lớn her và why he MUST ALWAYS be with her. Anyone else is unnecessary, which is why he can so easily swat any fly that bothers him…likerandomly making annoying people commit suicide.