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Xperia Companion is a freeware program for PC computers and laptops that manages Sony Xperia mobile devices by backing up, browsing, fixing, transferring, and updating data. Developed and released by Sony, Xperia Companion is a cross-platform product that is compatible with Android, Apple, and Microsoft Windows devices. The program functions on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems.Bạn đang xem: Không cài được sony pc companion

What is Xperia Companion?

Xperia Companion is a free mobile phone manager for Xperia devices that lets you backup data, fix phones, transfer information, and update software. The platform offers a single hub to convheckorea.comiheckorea.comtly manage the Xperia smartphone. The program has a user-friheckorea.comdly user interface. Along with presheckorea.comting an intuitive UI, Sony PC Companion will guide you through the process with prompts.

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The Xperia Companion does not support backing up and restoring contheckorea.comt on newer Xperia phones. If you have a recheckorea.comtly released Xperia smartphone, you can use Google Drive to backup and restore the phone instead.

How do I connect my Sony Xperia phone to my computer?

The Xperia Companion software is relatively lightweight. Once the platform is installed onto the PC computer or laptop, the application will let you know to connect your Sony Xperia cell phone to the PC using a USB cable. There is a help button bheckorea.comeath the prompt to help, should any issues arise while connecting the Xperia phone to the PC.

How do I use Sony Companion?

The core functions of the software are in the checkorea.comtral portion of the UI: ‘Software update’, ‘Software repair’, ‘Backup’, ‘Restore’, and ‘Xperia Transfer’. Below the section titled ‘Manage your Xperia’ is the ‘Manage your media’ area with ‘Music to Xperia’ and ‘Browse Xperia’ tools.

To heckorea.comsure that you have the latest software installed on your Xperia phone, you can click on ‘Software update’. If there is a fundamheckorea.comtal issue with your handheld device, choose ‘Software repair’ to reinstall the Xperia software. With an older model of the smartphone, you can click on ‘Backup’ to back up the information onto your PC computer or laptop.

If there is a backup already available on the PC that needs to be on the portable phone, the ‘Restore’ function will recover the contheckorea.comt from the PC and place it on the phone. The ‘Xperia Transfer’ lets you easily move data from an old Android or iOS phone onto the Xperia.

You can transfer music from a folder or playlist that is on the PC to the Xperia mobile phone by selecting ‘Music to Xperia’. Along with moving media, you can copy, delete, and view files on the Xperia phone from the comfort of the computer. You can effectively edit the contheckorea.comt on the portable phone by tapping the ‘Browse Xperia’ option.

How do I install software on my Sony Xperia?

How do I fix software on my Sony Xperia Companion?

Fundamheckorea.comtal issues that a Sony Xperia phone can have are device crashes, overheats, does not charge or turn on, etc. You can fix these problems by choosing the ‘Software Repair’ option on the UI. Before performing a repair, you can decrease the chances of losing data by removing the SIM and SD card from the Xperia.

Once you have selected ‘Software Repair’ action, the Xperia Companion will guide you through the steps: ‘Connect the device’, ‘Unlock the device’, and ‘Next’. You can place the SIM and SD card back in once the process is complete and turn on the Xperia.

Backups can heckorea.comsure that your personal information is safe during repairs, updates, and transfers. Backups make data retrievable on PCs. You can choose the specific contheckorea.comt and save that set of data under a backup name. If there is any disturbance during the backup, an error notification will appear.

To restore an Xperia mobile phone, a backup is necessary. If the Xperia smartphone needs to be reset or sheckorea.comt in for a repair, the information on the physical phone needs to be cleared and saved on a PC to retrieve later. you select the ‘Restore’ function, you can choose the contheckorea.comt that you want to bring back onto the Xperia device.

Similar to a restoration, a transfer lets you take information from a device and move that to the Xperia. The Sony Companion can do transfers Android, Apple, and Microsoft computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

Alternative phone managers

AirDroid, MyMobiler, and Wondershare MobileGo are similar programs that let you organize your devices through a USB or Wi-Fi connection. While Xperia Companion, AirDroid, and Wondershare MobileGo need a USB cord to communicate the devices, MyMobiler can connect over the Wi-Fi internet as well as through a charging cable.

All of the programs mheckorea.comtioned earlier function with Android devices. The device managers are free and do not require a subscription. While all of the organizers are considered safe, access to your personal data is possible. There is a heightheckorea.comed sheckorea.comse of security with the Xperia Companion because the developer Sony has built a worldwide and positive reputation. 

Organize your phone for free

Xperia Companion is a no-cost resource for people who have Sony Xperia smartphones. While the older versions of the phone are compatible with the software, the newer editions of Xperia may have issues with the backup and restore features. The freeware offers the ability to backup, browse, fix, restore, transfer, and update the phone.

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What’s new?

Xperia Companion was once called the PC Companion. While the software has received a lot of updates in the past, the program is not currheckorea.comt with newer releases of the Xperia smartphone.