Watch dragons: race to the edge

Top 10 Dragons from How to lớn Train Your dragon

It’s no secret that having a rồng for a pet would super cool, but a lot of training would go into making sure the rồng could be house-trained. As in, making sure the long won’t burn down your house with its fire breath, or destroy everything with its massive wings.

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The How khổng lồ Train Your Dragon movies have presented a wide variety of dragon species, each with its own strengths và challenges. If you’re planning to train some dragons of your own, here is our guide lớn the đứng đầu 10 breeds of long from the How to Train Your Dragon series!


Gronckles are big, tough, and slow dragons that have a rough và rocky texture. Their wings are humorously tiny, và they are not as agile when flying as some of their fellow dragons. Generally, they are lazy creatures but can shoot fireballs rapidly from their mouths. Fishlegs has a Gronckle named Meatlug, who helps in the Viking fight against the Red Death dragon.


Terrible Terror

Terrible Terror dragons are some of the smallest dragons around. They are roughly the kích thước of a domestic cat, và are common household pests that can breathe fire. They like to crawl into Viking homes & make messes with their speed và stealth. Terrible Terrors’ behavior has been compared khổng lồ that of seagulls, often fighting for food and swarming in small packs.


Hideous Zippleback

Two heads are always better than one, especially when it comes khổng lồ the Hideous Zippleback. This dragon can breathe fire, but only when the heads work together. One side spits flammable gas, while the other can create sparks that ignite the gas into fire. Both heads have their own distinct personalities. Twins Ruffnut và Tuffnut ride a Zippleback called Barf & Belch.


Deadly Nadder

Deadly Nadders are as beautiful as they are dangerous. Their bodies are covered with hundreds of sharp spines that they can shoot at enemies lớn cause massive damage. Nadder fire is also so hot that it can melt solid rock. Astrid has a Deadly Nadder named Stormfly.


Monstrous Nightmare

The massive Monstrous Nightmare long is known for setting itself on fire. This species is aggressive và powerful, covered in a variety of horns & spines. Its color patterns even look flame-like, and the Nightmare can even walk on its wings khổng lồ approach its enemies. Snotlout rides a Monstrous Nightmare called Hookfang.


Night Fury

Night Furies are said khổng lồ be the unholy offspring of lightning và death itself. A jet đen color, these deadly dragons blend in with the night sky and can perform devastating divebomb attacks on Viking villages. They shoot plasma bursts instead of fire lượt thích most other dragons.

At first, Hiccup’s long Toothless is the only Night Fury lớn be shown in the How to lớn Train Your Dragon series. Later, Toothless is joined by a Light Fury, similarly swift & plasma-powered as well as an expert in camouflage. These two very special dragons eventually start a family together, with their children Dart, Pouncer, and Ruffrunner, affectionately called the Night Lights.


The Bewilderbeast is the biggest breed of dragon, và also one of the rarest. They have the ability lớn commune with other dragons and to control them. Bewilderbeasts also vày not spit fire, but can freeze water as it exits their mouth for powerful ice attacks. They also use this ice to lớn create giant nests for themselves.


The Rumblehorn has a massive spike protruding from its face, somewhat resembling a rhinoceros’ horn. They have a heightened sense of smell, able lớn track prey over long distances by scent alone. Rumblehorns are burly but agile, and often attack by ramming themselves into things. Stoick the Vast has a Rumblehorn named Skullcrusher.


The Stormcutter rồng is an expert flyer, aided by its four wings which form an X shape while in motion. These dragons can make dangerous maneuvers và impressive displays of acrobatics while in the air. They can also spin fire tornadoes by using their wings as they breathe flames. Valka has a Stormcutter named Cloudjumper.

Red Death

The Red Death is a massive dragon with three pairs of eyes. It is much larger than most dragons, & does not hunt for itself. Instead, the Red Death acts as the queen of a larger nest of dragons, và all the smaller dragons bring it food in tribute. It can control other dragons và make them swarm.

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The Hobgobblers, introduced in How to lớn Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, are as destructive as they are adorable — which is to lớn say, very. They devour anything and everything in their way with that adorable snaggle-toothed underbite.

Every rồng is different in its strengths và powers. Some are big & terrifying while some are small and pesky, but that’s nothing a bit of rồng training can’t fix!

Which one is your favorite? Would you want khổng lồ train your own dragon? Keep the conversation going with other How to lớn Train Your Dragon fans over at, & don’t forget to lớn Let Your Geek!