How super saiyan 4 could benefit from a broly

Fans would love to lớn see Super Saiyan 4 return lớn the series. The series only needs to look to lớn the recent Broly rework to lớn know how.


Super Saiyan’s are without a doubt Dragon Ball’s most iconic transformation và the original stands as one of the more recognizable designs in anime và manga. Introduced during the culmination of the Frieza Saga, the ability to go Super Saiyan started off as an incredibly rare và legendary feat, but has since become a standard measure of strength for every character with Saiyan lineage.

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Dragon Ball Super added to Super Saiyan lore, first with the introduction of Super Saiyan God in Battle of Gods, and later with the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (often referred lớn as Super Saiyan Blue) form introduced in the following Resurrection of F film. While Ultra Instinct stands as the current end-all-be-all, one prominent non-canon transformation might benefit from being reworked into the series.

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For years, Dragon Ball GT’s Super Saiyan 4 stood as the successor lớn Super Saiyan 3. Being a part of the GT canon, SS4 could never be thought of as an official part of the series but was recognized in various games và other media throughout the years. Super’s introduction of Super Saiyan God và Super Saiyan xanh circumvented SS4, officially making it a thing of the series’ past. But just as Broly was re-imagined for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the same can be done for Super Saiyan 4.

What Would Happen With Super Saiyan 4’s Iconic Design?


Super Saiyan 4’s design is a big part of what made it stand out compared lớn its predecessors. Rather than keep with the gold-haired, green-eyed look that made the first three so distinguishable, it mixed in elements of the Great Ape & Super Saiyan transformations as a sort of humanoid hybrid between the two.

The lore behind Super Saiyan 4 would very likely change, as it doesn’t suit the current narrative direction. But while design changes are to lớn be expected, it would be better if Toriyama or whoever make sure that the new Super Saiyan 4 retains the sharp design & unique characteristics that have made it so popular within the fan hâm mộ base.


If SS4 were to be brought back, the biggest issue lớn fix would be its implementation. As its design would suggest, reaching Super Saiyan 4 is dependent on a Saiyan being strong enough khổng lồ reach another GT variant form; the Golden Great Ape. The size first appeared in a Dragon Ball filler episode và was then expanded upon in GT. Saiyans must not only be able lớn reach this form, but manage to regain their conscience after the fact khổng lồ make the leap to lớn Super Saiyan 4.

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In GT, Vegeta additionally needs to be exposed to lớn Blutz Waves whenever he wants lớn transform. The series’ writers made it so that Goku could trigger it as he would any other transformation, và that seems like the best way to lớn approach it should it ever return.

Giving SS4 so many parameters feels redundant, and would only slow down the pacing of any sequence it’d be utilized in. Even Ultra Instinct, as strong as it is, doesn’t require nearly as much build-up & allows for a much smoother transition when used in battle.


Though SS4 served as Goku và Vegeta’s peak in GT, both Super Saiyan Blue and Perfected Ultra Instinct stand as the current plateaus for their respective abilities in Super’s canon. The problem with injecting Super Saiyan 4 into the current narrative lies with where it fits in. As it stands, Perfected Ultra Instinct seems lượt thích it’ll be Goku’s signature transformation, while Vegeta is pushing the limits of what Super Saiyan blue can do.

Though watching Goku, Vegeta, and others reach new heights has become a big part of what drives Dragon Ball’s narrative, the series could easily give the feat to lớn another Saiyan character. Many fans would love khổng lồ see Gohan take on a larger role in the franchise, but as is the case with Goku and Vegeta, Gohan’s Mystic khung from the Buu Saga remains his signature transformation. Since Trunks, Goten, và Pam are all too inexperienced khổng lồ believably reach this level, Broly is left as the most logical choice.

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Paragus speculates that the reason his son is able khổng lồ match Vegeta và Goku’s raw strength during their battles in Broly is due khổng lồ him channeling the strength of his Great Ape form. This is very similar lớn the Super Saiyan 4 transformation process, though there’s no way to know of whether this is intentional yet. Broly’s subconscious use of his Great Ape size in battle allows for an established method of re-introducing the transformation into the main series.

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It’d be fitting for Broly, a fan-favorite character whose popularity over the years brought him into the official canon, to lớn receive a transformation introduced under similar circumstances. Pairing Super Saiyan 4 with Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan khung could not only solidify his push as one of Dragon Ball’s strongest characters but give the beloved transformation the same beneficial treatment he received when Super brought him back into the fold.