Rules Of Survival Now Available On Steam!

Rules of Survival is the version for Windows PC of the excellent battle royale game that"s putting up a fight against Fortnite và PUBG on Android và iOS


Battle royale shooter games have become a mass phenomenon within the world of video clip games as of late, mainly thanks khổng lồ titles of the likes of Fortnite & PUBG. Nevertheless, for all those of you into online action, you should know that there"s life way beyond the games developed by Epic & Tencent. There are other alternatives such as Rules of Survival.

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A battle royale game that has hardly anything to envy of Fortnite and PUBG

We"re talking about a game that perfectly meets all the genre"s guidelines. In other words, we"ll be parachuted onto an island, and from the moment we land, we"ll have to fight to survive và wipe out all our enemies. Remember, that only the last player standing wins.

A battle royale game that fans of this genre will love.

In this game, we"ll have to vì chưng whatever it takes to lớn get hold of weapons và resources that allow us khổng lồ defend ourselves from our enemies & kill them. This PC version isn"t too different from the editions for Android and iPhone (beyond the particularities of each platform, of course), & comes along with the following features:

Over 150 million players from all over the world.It incorporates a wide range of weapons and a huge amount of equipment.Choose your character and customize it lớn your own liking.A huge map to be explored.Control different vehicles.Realistic graphics.Play in FPS mode or as a third-person shooter.

One of the best features of the trò chơi is the possibility to choose between a first-person và a third-person point of view. Therefore, it adapts perfectly to lớn players used khổng lồ one system or another.

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Download Rules of Survival không tính phí for PC right now & make the most of one of the best online kích hoạt games at present.

What"s new in the latest version

New nhảy đầm game.New characters.
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