Microsoft Outlook is an integral part of the workplace making our lives at work easier. The word Outlook has become synonyms to lớn mail applications at workplaces around the globe. Unfortunately, Outlook will also make your life at work tough with this error that says “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook Cannot open the Outlook Window”.

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What will you vày to when Microsoft Outlook doesn"t open? How will you fix Cannot start Microsoft Outlook error?

Worry not, this article will let you know why is Outlook is not opening và guides you to easily fix “cannot start Microsoft Outlook error” in simple DIY methods.

5 Ways to lớn Fix Outlook Won"t Start Error
1. Reset Outlook’s Navigation Pane
2. Mở cửa Outlook in Safe Mode & Disable địa chỉ cửa hàng ins
3. Create a new Outlook profile
4. Verify if Outlook is running in Compatibility Mode
5. Repair Outlook data tệp tin to fix Outlook won"t start error

Sometimes, the Microsoft Outlook fails to mở cửa due lớn a PST file corruption. If you are certain that you have a corrupt or damaged PST file, vị make sure you go ahead and repair your corrupt PST file by using this powerful PST repair software- Remo Repair Outlook PST. Download and try the tool for không tính tiền now.

Common reasons behind Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error:

Usually, the reason behind cannot start Microsoft Outlook error might be because of an outdated version of Outlook or a damaged Outlook data file. Following are some of the reasons behind Outlook not opening:

You are trying to open an outdated version of OutlookNavigation Pane errorYour Outlook data file may be damaged or accidentally deletedDefective add-in not letting Outlook lớn startOutlook profile in need of repair

These are the possible reasons behind the “cannot start Microsoft error”. Now let us see the solution khổng lồ fix Microsoft Outlook not opening problem.

Note: If you are not able to mở cửa Outlook due to Outlook repeatedly asking password issue, you should refer this.

Method 1: Reset Outlook’s Navigation Pane

Outlook’s navigation pane is the leftmost pane where you find the folders and icons to move between emails, contacts, notes, calendar etc.This pane can be customized by users according lớn their needs & these customization can cause some serious error that will lead lớn Outlook not opening error.

Close OutlookPress “Win + R” button to xuất hiện the Run dialog boxType outlook.exe /resetnavpane (note the blank space) & press OK
Restart your computer & start Outlook.

Method 2: kiểm tra for defective add-ins in safe mode

If the first solution doesn’t fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook issue, the next solution is to kiểm tra for defective add-ins that are integrated into Outlook. When you start Outlook in safe mode the add-ins are not loaded and hence it is easy to kiểm tra if those add-ins are responsible for causing the Outlook not opening error.

Close OutlookPress “Win + R” to open the Run dialog boxType Outlook /safe (note the blank space) and press OK
In Choose profiles dialog box, select the mặc định settings & click OKNow to disable add-ins, click on files -> options -> Add-ins
Under view & manage Office add-ins, make sure that the com Add-ins are shown and select go.To disable all the add-ins clear all the kiểm tra boxes and press OK.Click on file & ExitRestart Outlook.

If Outlook launches with no problem then it is because of any add-ins responsible for cannot start Microsoft Outlook error. You can manually enable one add-in at a time to see which add-in is causing the error.

Method 3: Create a new Outlook Profile

Your Outlook profile will have Outlook settings, there are chances of that profile getting corrupted. To lớn verify whether your profile or not you have to create a new profile.

Go lớn Control panel và select MailUnder Mail Setup-Outlook, click on Show profilesAddGive a profile name and fill in the details (email id, password) & finish.Under When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile select Prompt for a profile to be used option và click OK.Restart Outlook in safe mode & in the drop-down danh mục of choose profiles select the new profile you have created.Close Outlook & restart Outlook normally.

If Outlook starts normally with the new profile, then you should consider repairing your Outlook data file.

Method 4: Verify if Outlook is running in Compatibility Mode

Compatibility mode in Windows is used to help applications run in an older version of the Operating system. If you are running Microsoft Outlook in compatibility mode, try turning it off và see if it fixes the problem. This method is for Outlook 2013 & Outlook 2010 users only as the compatibility mode is not available for latest versions lượt thích Outlook 2016 or 19.

Follow the below mentioned steps khổng lồ fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook error message by turning off Compatibility mode:

Go lớn the location of the Outlook.exe tệp tin on your computer. You can find the location of the computer with the following path: Outlook 2016: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office ootOffie16.Outlook 2010: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 14 or C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice 14Outlook 2013: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice 15 or C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice 15Once you find the Outlook.exe, right click on the file & go lớn PropertiesClick on Compatibility tab, uncheck the compatibility tab if its selected and click on Apply 

Now restart the Outlook application and see if you are still facing the error: cannot start Microsoft Outlook mix folders cannot be opened, you will have lớn repair Outlook data file PST.

How khổng lồ Fix Microsoft Outlook Not Opening on Mac

Exit from all Microsoft Office applications and mở cửa OutlookSelect the database You want lớn rebuildChoose the Rebuild OptionRestart Outlook, after the completion of process.

Method 5: ScanPST.exe khổng lồ fix Microsoft not opening issue

The penultimate solution lớn fix Microsoft Outlook not opening issue is to repair your Outlook data file. The question is How to lớn repair PST tệp tin to fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook error?

There is an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft & its called inbox repair tool. However, there are certain disadvantages with ScanPST.exe like directly working on the corrupt PST file. Hence it is not recommended lớn use ScanPST.exe when you are dealing with a corrupted PST file.

 Fix Outlook Won"t Start Error by Fixing Corrupt PST file using ScanPST.exe?

Close OutlookDouble-click on Scanpst.exeIn Microsoft Outlook Inbox repair tool window, you can either enter the name of the PST file or you can click on Browse and select PST file.If you are not aware of the location of the PST file, follow these steps to lớn locate your PST file:Open Outlook and Click on File.Click on info và go to Account Settings.Click on Data files and chú ý down the name và path of the location of the file.
Close your Outlook.Now Click on Start
to lớn begin the repair process.After completion of the process, mở cửa Outlook and create a new PST file.You can copy the recovered files from your old PST file, they will be present in the Lost & Found folder.

If none of the above mentioned methods helped you in fixing cannot start Microsoft Outlook issue. Don’t lose hope, you can make use of a trusted PST repair tool khổng lồ easily fix all errors with PST file and fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook issue without any risk.

Remo PST Repair Tool is the most recommended tool to lớn repair corrupted or damaged PST files in few clicks only. Designed khổng lồ work in read only mode, the tool ensures security lớn the PST tệp tin by working on a copy of it và generates a healthy PST file. Tải về and Try the tool for free now.

How to lớn Fix Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook Error?

DownloadInstall Remo PST Repair Tool on your computer & follow the below mentioned steps to fix cannot start Microsoft Outlook error:

In the main screen with three different options will be displayed. Choose one as per your need:Open mặc định PST File: This option will select the default location of the PST fileSelect PST file Manually: Choose this option if you know the location of your PST file, you can manually enter the location here.Find all your PST Files: This option will scan your computer & lists all the PST files. You can choose the one you want lớn repair.
In the next screen you will have two options:Normal Scan
: Choose this option if the severity of PST corruption is less.Smart scan: Go for this option when you have deleted any Outlook data or if the level of corruption is high or if normal scan fails fix PST fileClick on Repair lớn start the repair process.After completion of repair process, you can Preview the recovered Outlook itemsIf you are satisfied with the results activate the software và Save the repaired.


Microsoft Outlook not opening/Cannot start Microsoft Outlook, error code 0x80070057 pops up while you try to mở cửa Outlook or any other common Outlook errors are very unlikely to be caused by a PST corruption. You can successfully solve cannot start Microsoft Outlook error using any of the above-mentioned methods. As a last measure, you can always implement a PST repair tool in case the other methods falter in giving you a resolution.

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Do let us know if you were successful in fixing the Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook error in the comments section below.