Việc học phát âm không hề dễ dãi và nhất là những âm đuôi ED cùng S/ES. Trong giao tiếp, việc phát âm đúng đông đảo âm đuôi ED cùng S/ES là cực kì quan trọng. Vị vậy, hôm nay heckorea.com đã mách bạn những mẹo lưu giữ quy tắc cách phân phát âm ED,S, ES hiệu quả.

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Luyên tập vạc âm ED
The Boy & the Filberts

A boy was permitted to lớn put his hand into a pitcher lớn get some filberts. But he grabbed such a great fistful that he could not draw his hand out again. There he stood, unwilling lớn give up a single filbert and yet unable lớn get them all out at once. Vexed & disappointed, he cried out loud.

“My boy,” said his mother, “be satisfied with half the nuts you have taken and you will easily get your hand out. Then perhaps you may have some more filberts some other time.”

Bài tập 2: lựa chọn từ có cách phạt âm đuôi ed không giống với các từ còn lại

a. Demanded b. Requested c. Started d. Workeda. Leaded b. Launched c. Watched d. Finisheda. Joined b. Faxed c. Happened d. Enjoyeda. Naked b. Corrected c. Interested d. Askeda. Borrowed b. Reserved c. Shared d. Attracteda.

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Stopped b. Entertained c. Informed d. Installeda. Improved b. Stayed c. Changed d. Produceda. Phoned b. Invested c. Participated d. Wanteda. Waked b. Walked c. Naked d. Talkeda. Traveled b. Frightened c. Studied d. Prepared

Bài tập 3: đến dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc

He slept almost movie time because the movie is so (bore)……….This is the first time she (come)……. Khổng lồ Hanoi. The (amaze)…….. Scenery makes she (excite)……… to lớn have a wonderful holiday here.Despite being (frighten)………., they tried to lớn wait until the movie ended.If Lisa (study)….. Harder, she (not/ get)………… that (disappoint)……… mark.The man‘s appearance made us (surprise)…………….Her newest book is an (interest)…….. Thắm thiết novel, but I’m (interest)……….in her horror story.Working hard all weekend is (tire)…….., so he is (exhaust)………. When he comes back home.The solution (expect)…… to lớn be a new way lớn get out of the crisis.The lecture is so (confuse)……. That Tom doesn’t understand anything.It is such a (shock)…… new that I can’t say anything.

Đáp án

Bài tập 2DABDDADACCBài tập 3boringhas come/ amazing/ excitedfrightenedhad studied/ wouldn’t have got/ disappointingsurprisedinteresting/ interestedtiring/ exhaustedis expectedconfusingshocking