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We just finished our amtlib patch craông chồng for Acrobat Pro DC, for 2018 version and all previous. The Patch/Crachồng is ONLY for Windows và works with the trial version. If you find any problems, please leave sầu us a phản hồi with your Windows version.

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Software Description : Adobe Acrobat DC is the complete PDF solution for the current workers, mobile templates và connected. Includes this adobe desktop software, Adobe Document Cloud services and access khổng lồ the full functionality of the Reader Mobile application, made by the leader in design softwares Adobe.

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What is Acrobat DC?

The most connected, điện thoại and most amazing version of Acrobat, as never before.

The DC version meets the user’s needs for sản phẩm điện thoại solutions và helps ensure the security of documents on various devices.

Upgrade to the pro DC subscription to get access lớn the lachạy thử features and implement them in the planning, as well as simplify the acquisition, management và implementation of the software while maximizing savings.

With this Acrobat version is easiest convert HTML pages to lớn PDF

New user interface

The new user interface of this pro version breaks with the line of previous versions in order lớn simplify the user experience và accommodate the appearance of the desktop application, such as this one, with its analogues in a điện thoại version.

The first thing we see when opening this DC 2018 version is a danh sách of recent files where it is possible to distinguish which documents are local, are on our PC, like these, or which also come from the Document Cloud, with the cloud icon.

Likewise, we can segregate if we only want to see local files or files of different clouds, not only the Document Cloud, but also the Creative Cloud or even add a Microsoft SharePoint tài khoản.As we can see, this new interface does not eliminate menus và thực đơn options, which still exist, but now they đại bại prominence.

Due khổng lồ the large number of tools available within Acrobat, instead of overwhelming the user with a multitude of open panels, as was previously the case, the program opts for an original tool visualization system.

Merge files into lớn one PDF

Convert all types of files to PDF

For example, now, when we open a PDF document, we can access the view, gọi of Tools, where we have available all the different categories of tools represented by large & clear icons.

These icons, we also have them in the side panel, once we open the document, so that, with a simple cliông chồng, we can access, only, the tools of that category.

The other tools would be hidden, but it would be enough to cthua this category of Tools, to, again, access the side panel và choose another different category.

This same, we can also do if once we are viewing the document, we cliông xã on the Tools view và choose another toolbar that we want to use, for example, Optimize PDF, Censure, in short, there are many tools that can be They can choose.

Of course, as there are so many, not only will we have khổng lồ search in this sea of ​​icons, well organized, but we can also tìm kiếm for a tool using a search box.

If, for example, we rethành viên, even vaguely, what that tool did. For example, I rethành viên that there was a tool that allowed me lớn add or edit texts.

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New tools

Well, in the tìm kiếm box, I’ll write “text” &, automatically, Acrobat DC filters the tools và tool categories in the side panel, and there it will be easier for me to identify how, effectively, there was a tool, which was Add text In this way, either by visual identification, or by directly searching, from a text, the tool we want, we access directly to lớn that toolbar and we vị not have sầu a user interface full of panels that vì not allow me to lớn see how important the document is On the other h&, when we open a PDF document, the basic visualization options appear as a small contextual toolbox in the lower part.

The Hvà tool still exists, of course; the Text Selection tool, the Zum tool; but if we have sầu nostalgia for previous versions of the reader, within this small contextual bar, there is also a button that allows me to attach it to lớn the top, which is how it used khổng lồ be in previous versions of Acrobat.

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Convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint lớn PDF

New interface

Likewise, just as we can vì it, we can also undoông xã it và continue with the new interface.Finally, the side panel, where the categories of tools are, can be collapsed or expanded, simply by clicking on the separator bar.This also applies to the left side panel, which still exists. That same side panel of this adobe software, which allows us khổng lồ access different windows such as page thumbnails, bookmarks, etc.In short, a clean, modern & simple interface, but that allows access to lớn countless tools và available resources that we have, as always, in Acrobat.

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